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Decoration in Palermo Soho

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Agnes Outlet
Uriarte 1971
Agnes is eclectic, sober, elegant and edgy at the same time. In two words: comfort and originality, in balance, is posed by this new style, Urban Baroque.

Malabia 1299
Integral lighting. Screen factory.

Ay fidela!
Armenia 1687
Friends + moments Fidela Ay! = Happiness. Individual Tablecloths Aprons Bags Mittens Lugs Roads napkins.

Armenia 1544
Decoration. Bacano Style, Art and Marriages.

Casa Chic
El Salvador 4786

Chapó Loló
Jorge Luis Borges 2016
vintage decor for bohemian kids.

Clamor! Casa y Deco
Honduras 5238
Design proposals that will make your home a special place. Design objects, textiles and lighting, and a refined collection of plants and flowers to create an atmosphere of warmth.

Nicaragua 4593
Clothing, handbags, bags, accessories and decoration.

De Vanguardia
Malabia 1782
It is a group of shops for independent designers of clothes and accessories to have their exhibition space.

Didot Estudio
Gurruchaga 1840
Decoration studio..

Elementos Argentinos
Gurruchaga 1881
Argentine handmade goods. Interior design. Floors and carpets. Gift shop.

Estación Ortiz
Gorriti 4829
Furniture and decorative objects. All you need to make your house more beautiful every day! * Vintage design *

Fábrica de Luz
Serrano 1308
We design and manufacture our own products. We also sell third party products.

Florencia Carlés Géneros Unicos
Malabia 1361
We sell a wide range of unique fabrics. Their unique designs and excellent quality make them the best choice for decoration, tapestry, patchwork and fashion.

Full House
Gorriti 4688
Carpets, rugs, synthetic grass, wallpapers, rugs.

GA Iluminación
Gorriti 4780
GA Lighting is a company dedicated to sell unique design and international quality luminaries. Lighting design for residential and professional projects.

Gaby Di Grazia deco
Armenia 1914
Design and Deco

Honduras 4952
Interior decoration. Atmospheres and unique items for smart people. Paintings, sculptures, mirrors, furniture, lighting, carvings, weaving, personal items, accessories, fragrances.

Good Wood
José Antonio Cabrera 5017
Home Decor.

Malabia 1930
We intend to enrich the culture of furniture and encourage the appreciation of the national design, with the continuous diffusion of the Argentine design; to make the habitat of our species a forum of