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Objects of Design in Palermo Soho

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Jorge Luis Borges 1795
Design objects. Acabajo Argentina is a company that promotes the Argentine design.

Agnes Outlet
Uriarte 1971
Agnes is eclectic, sober, elegant and edgy at the same time. In two words: comfort and originality, in balance, is posed by this new style, Urban Baroque.

Algodón de Azúcar
Cushions, backpacks, T-shirts and bags Excellent quality fabrics and designs. Sales by Internet only.

Amaicha Artesanías
Armenia 2106
Crafts, Mapuche silverware, baskets, masks, ceramic works and even skirts braided indigenous design.

Av. Scalabrini Ortiz 2180
Design objects, fun and colorful.

Ay fidela!
Armenia 1687
Friends + moments Fidela Ay! = Happiness. Individual Tablecloths Aprons Bags Mittens Lugs Roads napkins.

Bazar de la Esquina
Fray Justo Santamaría de Oro 2030

Cachita Deco+Design
Honduras 4845
Cachita Deco is a brand of objects of design, decoration, bazaar and gifts. We have a wide variety of products where the design is the protagonist.

Casa Romero
Jorge Luis Borges 1794
Objects - Tableware - Decoration - Gifts - Antiques.

CASAFILO Hogares & Industria
Armenia 1971
Cutlery. Kitchen items. The art of sharpening ...

Centro Feng Shui
Armenia 1360
Feng Shui for the harmonization of your life. Courses, numerology, exhibition and sales of crafts and accessories.

Chic - Clothes & Gifts
Paraguay 4399
Do you want to make an original gift to a special person? Chic! is the ideal place! Visit our local in Palermo or request home delivery!

Cine, Arte & Diseño
Jorge Luis Borges 2021
"Wake up your senses in our shop". All the cinema, and the best and most original art objects and clothing design in one place.

Gorriti 5078
We manufacture Tyvek wallets and holsters, which are recycled and recyclable. Each of the pieces is operated by an artist, who converts it to a small piece of art.

Godoy Cruz 1654
Furniture and design objects.

Desde Asia S.R.L
Malabia 1359
DesdeAsia, joining two cultures ... this space manages to recreate the atmosphere of a large bazaar with many routes in the East, giving customers the ability to be transported to any of them.

Epoca Bella
Nicaragua 4700
Candles, ceramics, aromatherapy.

Estación Ortiz
Gorriti 4829
Furniture and decorative objects. All you need to make your house more beautiful every day! * Vintage design *

Nicaragua 4880
Design store + wine store in Buenos Aires. Interior design. Handicraft shop.

Florinda & Silvestre
Armenia 1285
Ceramic pots, plants, tablecloths, cushions, objects for kids, bags, clothes, art, soaps, diffusers, candles, furniture, books, and workshops.