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Shoes in Palermo Soho

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28 Sport
Gurruchaga 1481
28 sport is a unisex shoe brand inspired by sport models of the 40s, 50s and 60s, made by hand, in limited editions, and respecting the quality.

Alfonsina Fal
Gurruchaga 1741
Design of Original and female shoes.

Nicaragua 4817
Our shoes are handmade and customized. We make them to measure, we work with goats, leather, linings and sole in bovine leather. Request an interview by phone.

Ana Mezho
Armenia 1465
Designer shoes and special sizes.

Bendito Pie
Armenia 1707
Shoes. Bendito Pie, represents the identity of a free bohemian dreamer woman, who likes to travel and feel the sperit of each site she visits.

Honduras 4613 1° piso
We design shoes and handbags in leather and fabric for the modern, independent and very feminine urban women.

Buró de Creación
Uriarte 1472
Buró shoes are a creation inspired by art and architecture, combining design, originality and good taste.

Carina de la Cruz
Armenia 1780
Carina de la Cruz, working on designs increasingly original and comfortable handbags and shoes, which gives a distinct touch.

Clara Barcelo
Gurruchaga 1895
Shoes for ladies. Each of our models are made with quality materials and attention to detail.

Claude Benard
Honduras 4755
Shoes, handbags, accesories. In Claude Benard we offer a unique experience to enjoy the style and the greatst comfort that a woman can imagine.

Costa Rica 4790
Boots & Shoes. 100% handmade shoes Cow Leather. Made in Argentina.

Malabia 1716
Democrata is currently one of the biggest names in men's leather shoes from Brazil

Armenia 1489
Shoes with Soul. The designs of our collection can be custom made especially for you.

Serrano 1514
Design shoes.

Honduras 4783
Design and manufacture of women's footwear.

Gurruchaga 1726
Legitimate leather shoes and handbags. Open Monday to Saturday from 1:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

Franco Pasotti
Armenia 1551
Men's shoes

Frou Frou
Jorge Luis Borges 2076 - Oficina 2
Frou Frou is a designer brand of shoes and handbags. You can find original designs, hand-made and of high quality. We design and manufacture our models. Online shop.

Gorriti 4989
Shoes for a classic and romantic woman, obsessed with details, possessing an international and cosmopolitan spirit.

Malabia 1706
Shoes and boots for men.