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Where is Palermo Soho?

Palermo Soho is located in Palermo, the largest neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its approximate boundaries are Raul Scalabrini Ortiz Avenue, Cordoba Avenue, Juan B. Justo Avenue and Paraguay Street. In Palermo Soho predominates low buildings and refurbished houses where clothing designers, art galleries, deco and design stores, restaurants and bars were established.

Palermo Soho Map

What's in Palermo Soho?

Design and Deco

Palermo Soho has become a center of design and decoration within the City. Click here to go to the design stores guide.

Deco stores at Palermo Soho


Palermo Soho is one of the main gastronomy centers of Buenos Aires. There are grills, Italian, French, Mexican, sushi, Arab, Jewish, Brazilian, Peruvian, Thai, Vietnamese, for vegetarians, celiacs and everything you can think of. Click here to go to the restaurants guide.

Restaurants at Palermo Soho

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

More than 100 bars, pubs and nightclubs make Palermo Soho the ideal place to have a drink with friends, try a microbrew, or enjoy the night away. Click here to go to the bars, pubs and nightclubs guide.

Bars at Palermo Soho


More than 300 clothing and accessories stores, both from independent designers and large brands. Click here to go to the stores guide.

Clothing stores at Palermo Soho

Art Galleries

In Palermo Soho there is a circuit of art galleries, who regularly take part in the events as Gallery Days and Gallery Nights. Click here to view the art galleries guide.

Art galleries Palermo Soho

Theaters and Auditoriums

Several independent auditoriums make Palermo Soho an alternative to the main theater circuit. There are also several bars and places where to listen to live music, as Sheldon Bar, Virasoro, Borges 1975, Quetzal, La Paila, Foynes, Manchester Pub and others. Click here to go to the theater guide.

Theaters and auditoriums at Palermo Soho


In Palermo Soho there are excellent bookstores, some in old refurbished houses, some of modern architecture, but each with its own personality. Click here to go to bookstores guide.

Bookstores at Palermo Soho

Craft Fairs

On weekends craft fairs are held in the Plaza Armenia and Plaza Serrano. The latter extends from Honduras Street down to Thames Street.

Craft fairs at Palermo Soho


Where to stay in Palermo, Buenos Aires. More than 50 options, from bread and breakfasts to hotels with all the amenities, make Palermo Soho is one of the best options for visitors from Argentina and other countries. Click here to go to the hotels guide.

Hotels at Palermo Soho


Palermo Soho is not only a place for fun, it is also a great place to work. In the neighborhood there are several coworking places. Click here to go to the coworking places guide.

Coworking at Palermo Soho

How to get there.

By bus

By Scalabrini Ortiz Av. Lines 15, 57, 110, 141
By Paraguay Street Lines 36 y 111
By Honduras Street Line 39
By Cordoba Av. Lines 140, 151
By Uriarte Street Line 34
By Juan B. Justo Av. Line 166
By Santa Fe Av. Lines 12, 29, 55, 57, 60, 64, 68, 93, 118, 152, 160

By subway

D Line Plaza Italia station.

By bicycle.

The Gorriti Street bike path crosses Palermo Soho from southeast to northwest, and the Serrano/Borges Street path crosses from southwest to northwest. You can also reach Palermo Soho by the Godoy Cruz Street bike path. There is an Ecobici station at Costa Rica and Malabia Streets (Plaza Armenia).

By car

Santa Fe, Cordoba, Juan B. Justo and Raul Scalabrini Ortiz Avenues allow easy access to Palermo Soho. You can park on most streets, though not always is easy to find a place. In the area there are several parking lots, click here to see the map of parking lots.