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Welcome to the website of Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here you will find the latest news and the best information about restaurants, bars, shopping, art, gyms, spas, hotels and much more.

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Free introductory talk: Holotropic Breathing workshop.
Saturday January 20 at 3:00 PM.

Workshop in Fundacion Columbia. Holotropic breathing is a powerful method of self-exploration and therapy that uses a combination of seemingly simple means: rapid breathing, evocative music and a type of bodywork that helps to release bioenergy blockages. In Spanish.

Published on 17-05-2018 by PalermoSoho.

Argentine Rock. Flor Ruiz and Mono Fontana.
Saturday May 26 at 11:30 PM.

Flor Ruiz and Mono Fontana perform their own songs and some versions of argentine rock at Borges 1975.

Published on 17-05-2018 by PalermoSoho.

Jazz: PƔjaro de fuego.
Friday May 25 at 9:30 PM.

The group will play at Borges 1975. Daniel Pipi Piazzolla on drums, Mariano Sivori on electric bass, Nicolas Sorin voice and synthesizer, and Esteban Sehinkman synthesizers and composition. Formed in 2008, this group think the music as a language that dance. The flight of synthesizers, electric textures, the warmth of the melodies and the tandem Piazzolla - Mendez (one of the most creative rhythm sections of this time) configure their sound, rhythmic and enveloping universe. The Wheel of Fortune-his last album- was enshrined in the latest edition of the Gardel Awards 2015 in the category Fusion - Instrumental - World Music. Tickets $ 200.

Published on 17-05-2018 by PalermoSoho.

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Reopening of the Immigrants of Armenia Square.

Published on 22-01-2018 by Rodo

On January 9 the square was reopened and the Commune 14 carried out activities in it to celebrate with the neighbors and visitors of Palermo Soho the renovation of this public space. The celebrations were attended by Facundo Carrillo, Secretary of Attention and Citizen Management, Alejandro PĆ©rez, President of the Communal Board and personnel from the Green Spaces area.

  • ReinauguraciĆ³n de Plaza Inmigrantes de Armenia
  • ReinauguraciĆ³n de Plaza Inmigrantes de Armenia
  • ReinauguraciĆ³n de Plaza Inmigrantes de Armenia
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4 terraces to enjoy the summer in Palermo Soho.

Published on 03-01-2016 by Rodo

In Palermo Soho there are many bars and restaurants serving good food and drinks outdoors. Here are some options.

Club Serrano.

This bar and restaurant has a great terrace overlooking the Plaza Serrano to enjoy good music. There are areas of shade for sunny afternoons.

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