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Art Exhibition - Sweet for my sweet VIII : art for the young at heart.
Opening Event: Saturday December 9 at 4:00 PM.

On 9th December in Galería Mar Dulce we will open the 8th anual edition of our celebrated exhibition of ‘art for the young at heart’, Sweet for my sweet. More than 30 artists will fill the walls and corners of our bright little gallery with their artworks produced in techniques including painting, drawing, embroidery, papercut, print, ceramic, collage and objects.
Participating artists include internationally known names such as Isol, Cristian Turdera and Laura Varsky; favourites from previous editions, including Adriana Torres, Natalia Colombo, Johanna Wilhelm, Krysthopher Woods, María Elina and Pablo Mattioli; artists with a cult following, like PumPum, María Luque, Powerpaola and Decur; and we will also present various artists for the first time: Camila Vilar, Carolina Benítez, Florencia Borowski, Iratxe González, Juliana Bollini, Rocío Fernández Fuks and Silvi Hei.
The artists exhibiting in Sweet for my sweet VIII are: Adriana Torres, Andy Mermet, Camila de Luca, Camila Vilar, Carolina Benítez , Cecilia Afonso Esteves, Cristian Turdera, Cubillas, Decur, Fabio Risso Pino, Florencia Borowski, Iratxe Gonzalez, Isol, Johanna Wilhelm, Juliana Bollini, Krysthopher Woods, Laura Varsky, Lola Goldstein, Lucila Domínguez, María Elina, María Luque, Mariana Chiesa, Max Cachimba, Miren Asiain Lora, Natalia Colombo, Pablo Mattioli, Powerpaola, PumPum, Roberta di Paolo, Rocío Fernández Fuks, Silvi Hei and Sofía Álvarez Watson.
The majority of works are on sale and the show will evolve and change during the 3 months of its exhibition, until 12 March 2018.
You can visit from Tuesday to Saturday 3-8pm.

Published on 23-11-2017 by PalermoSoho.

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4 terraces to enjoy the summer in Palermo Soho.

Published on 03-01-2016 by Rodo

In Palermo Soho there are many bars and restaurants serving good food and drinks outdoors. Here are some options.

Club Serrano.

This bar and restaurant has a great terrace overlooking the Plaza Serrano to enjoy good music. There are areas of shade for sunny afternoons.

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Riding on bycicle by Palermo Soho.

Published on 03-06-2015 by Rodo

In recent years the city has encouraged the use of bicycles for transport and recreation, and more and more cyclists are on the streets. In Palermo Soho the Gorriti street bike paths crosses from east to west and Borges-Serrano from north to south, which facilitates access by bicycle.

Would you like to buy a bike? Your bike has been in storage for years and needs a service to bring it into condition? Are you visiting Buenos Aires and want to rent one? In Palermo Soho there are excellent bicycle shops for everyone.

Movin Movimiento Urbano On the Gorriti bike path is Muvin, which specializes in lightweight and comfortable bicycles to use mainly in the city. They also have foldable bikes ideal for small apartments. Muvin have repair shop for maintenance and repair of the brands they sell and have an excellent after-sales service.

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