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Far from the Internet: New paintings by María Luque.
Saturday 17 March to 28 April

The busy life, devoid of any contemplative dimension, is incapable of the gentleness of beauty.
Byung-Chul Han

To be far from the internet is to be able to separate ourselves, at least for a time, from the incessant flow of ephemeral information; to distance ourselves from the ‘digital noise’ that demands our constant attention and requires us to be permanently alert to the email that we will surely receive, the next message or image, the new ‘like’, the news that will change everything.
Most of the works in this exhibition were painted during a stay at the São João Artists’ Residency, located in a historic coffee plantation in São José do Vale do Rio Preto and submerged in a landscape of hills, woods and streams, with little connection to the outside world.
These small works, more than a travel diary, are travel inventories. Painted with vibrant colours in gouache on paper, they depict a multitude of neatly painted objects and figures. They are works with a marked influence of Matisse (his 1935 work Le nu rose is reproduced in one of the paintings) and are mostly descriptions of the different environments of the residency. Many of them refer to the vita contemplativa: images, paintings, posters and - above all - numerous books speak to us of a temporality that - unlike the digital internet world - is not ephemeral. Animals, plants, cooking utensils and art materials, impart a sense of contact with the real, with the smells, flavours, textures and density of life.
María Luque, taking her time to carefully reproduce each object, animal and book title, sharing her maturity with us, rewards us in each of her works with the gentleness of beauty. (edited extract from the catalogue text by Daniel García) Far from the Internet presents 28 new small format paintings in gouache on paper.
María Luque was born in Rosario and currently lives in Buenos Aires. Since 2005, she has exhibited her artwork in museums and galleries in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Spain. She also co-ordinates workshops and is an independent illustrator. In 2011 she created the series of artists’ encounters ‘Merienda dibujo’ and she is co-founder of the ‘Festival Furioso de Dibujo’. She features in the report on 21 st century Argentine comic art ‘Informe, historieta argentina del siglo XXI’, published by Editorial Municipal de Rosario. She is the author of ‘La mano del pintor’, a graphic novel about Cándido López (Sigilo, 2016, L'Agrume Éditions 2017) and ‘Casa transparente’ (Sexto Piso, Premio Novela Gráfica Ciudades Iberoamericanas).
Galería Mar Dulce specialises in small and medium format artwork in painting, drawing, print, photography, artists’ books and objects, produced by classic and contemporary Argentine artists. To accompany Far from the Internet we present +COLLECTIVE50, a specially curated selection of works by our other artists.
Venue: Galería Mar Dulce, Uriarte 1490, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires
Opening Event: Saturday 17 March, 4-8pm
Normal Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 3-8pm
Exhibition ends: Saturday 28 April 2018
for further information or print quality images: 15 5319 3597 /

Published on 13-03-2018 by PalermoSoho.

Jazz - Diego Schissi Quintet
Tuesday March 20 at 9:30 PM

Guillermo Rubino (violin), Santiago Segret (bandoneon), Ismael Grossman (guitar), Juan Pablo Navarro (bass) and Diego Schissi (piano and composition)+ Guests will play at Virasoro Bar. Tickets $ 200.

Published on 13-03-2018 by PalermoSoho.

JAZZ- Ciclo voces del jazz - Lucia Boffo Trio
Wednesday March 21 at 9:30 PM

Lucia Boffo (voice), Ramiro Zayas (bass) and Sebastian De Urquiza (bass) will play at Virasoro Bar. Music of Thelonious Monk, Sam Rivers, Wayne Shorter, Kenny Wheeler. Tickets $ 180.

Published on 13-03-2018 by PalermoSoho.

Jazz - Monk Etc...
Thursday March 22 at 9:30 PM

Frido ter Beek (sax and voice), Juani Mendez (sax), Sebastian de Urquiza (bass) and Sebastian Groshaus (drums) will play at Virasoro Bar. Tickets $ 180.

Published on 13-03-2018 by PalermoSoho.

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Reopening of the Immigrants of Armenia Square.

Published on 22-01-2018 by Rodo

On January 9 the square was reopened and the Commune 14 carried out activities in it to celebrate with the neighbors and visitors of Palermo Soho the renovation of this public space. The celebrations were attended by Facundo Carrillo, Secretary of Attention and Citizen Management, Alejandro Pérez, President of the Communal Board and personnel from the Green Spaces area.

  • Reinauguración de Plaza Inmigrantes de Armenia
  • Reinauguración de Plaza Inmigrantes de Armenia
  • Reinauguración de Plaza Inmigrantes de Armenia
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4 terraces to enjoy the summer in Palermo Soho.

Published on 03-01-2016 by Rodo

In Palermo Soho there are many bars and restaurants serving good food and drinks outdoors. Here are some options.

Club Serrano.

This bar and restaurant has a great terrace overlooking the Plaza Serrano to enjoy good music. There are areas of shade for sunny afternoons.

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